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Committees & Councils

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver provides

opportunities to increase member involvement as well as

enhance business growth through committees and councils.

Committees offer a forum for members to discuss and establish

formal positions and ideas on issues and initiatives that impact

the business community and the Hispanic Chamber.  For more information 

regarding these committees below, please send us an email to

Ambassador Committee: The Ambassador Committee focuses on

recruitment and retention of Hispanic Chamber members as well as

develops and monitor services and benefits for members. This group meets

the 4th Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m at location of the after-hours.

For more information,


Fundraising Committee: This group is in charge of identifying key

areas within the Chamber where fundraising dollars are needed

and raising those funds within the community.


Padrino Committee: This committee is dedicated to nourishing

and expanding the Chamber's relationships with its largest

community investors, the Padrino members.

Public Policy Committee: The purpose of the Public Policy Committee is to

review local, state and federal initiatives, propositions and legislation that affect

the Hispanic business community.  The committee is a non-partisian group of

business executives and business leaders which meets on a biweekly basis

during the legislative session. 



Ambassadors Committee

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